Monday, March 30, 2009

The Kings Dominated the Suns

I watched the Kings last night v. the Suns, and I saw a different team than what I usually see. The Kings came out with energy and attacked the inside. But best of all, Spencer and Jason did a good job guarding Shaq. They defended really hard and didn't let up at all.

Last night, seven players were in double figures. Jason was the leading scorer, with 21 points. Spencer had a good night too, with 20 points, tying his career high. 'Cisco and Andres Nocioni had 19 points a piece.

The Kings did well on rebounding, which is the key to getting baskets because if you get rebounds you get to set up your offense. JT had eight rebounds, and Spencer had a double double with 10 rebounds. Together that's 18 rebounds, and that's about half of the team rebounds!

The final score was 126 to 118. I knew the Kings would win from the end of the first quarter on because they came out in the first quarter and started scoring well and playing good defense. And they kept doing that throughout the game which led to a win.

My favorite play of the game was when Beno penetrated into the paint, did a behind-the-back pass to Spencer, and Spencer dunked it. This was my favorite play of the game because it looked really cool.

Now that we're done talking about last night's Kings game, I want to talk about Vlade Divac's jersey retirement. I think it will be a really special night, and it will get everybody very excited about Tuesday's game against the Hornets. I wish I could go, but I already got to go one jersey retirement this year, so I doubt another miracle will happen.

I'm also having a lot of fun following Jason Thompson, the Kings and Sac Bee reporter, Sam Amick, on Twitter. It's really cool getting to know what they're doing and getting the inside scoop on what's happening off the court. I would recommend it to all of my readers -- it's really fun to check and see what they're doing. For example, a few days ago JT ate at Subway, which is my favorite lunch place. That's what you do on Twitter -- you "tweet" and tell people about what you're doing.

I'll be watching the game tomorrow night against the Hornets and cheering for the Kings. Until next time, gooooo Kings!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

How We Feel about Mikki

Two weeks ago, I went to the Kings game v. the New Orleans Hornets. Before the game, we watched the players warm up. We waited to see if any of the players would sign autographs. What was special about this night was we got an autograph from Mikki Moore, and it was the last chance to get it. He was waived the next day. My little sister is Mikki's biggest fan, and she's sad, so I thought I would interview her.

Q: How did you feel when they waived Mikki?

A: Sad.

Q: Were you happy that you got to see Mikki play his last game as a King?

A: Yes.

Q: How do you think Mikki was helping the Kings play?

A: I saw him doing great.

Q: What was it about Mikki that you liked so much?

A: He shooted hoops. His long hair. He had snakes. That's all.

Q: What do you think were Mikki's strengths on the court?

A: He had a lot of energy. He had a lot of strength, too.

Q: What did you first think when Mikki picked you up to take a picture?

A: It was fun!

Q: What did you say to Mikki when you first saw him?

A: I said I was his biggest fan! And he said I was his biggest littlest fan.

Q: Do you like being Mikki's biggest littlest fan?

A: Yes.

I feel good for Mikki that he gets to be on a really good team like the Celtics.

Gotta go downstairs and watch my favorite college basketball team Mizzou play Kansas. Until next times, goooooo Kings!