Friday, November 14, 2008

Making It to 500

Day and night I've been thinking about the Kings and how they've got a hard game against the Suns tonight. The Suns are 6-3, and I think the Kings can turn that into 6-4 tonight. I'm not saying it won't be tough -- I mean, they've got Shaq and Steve Nash. But I bet Beno Udrih, Brad Miller, Mikki Moore and Bobby Jackson will guide all the new guys on the team. The Kings will win because I know the veteran players and the younger players are starting to gel.

My guess for the starting lineup: Beno Udrih, John Salmons, Jason Thompson, Mikki Moore, and Brad Miller. GOOOOOOOO KINGS!

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Big Red said...

Zach: I'm with you. Let's get to 500 tonight. Kings will have to play tough defense and slow down the fastbreak Suns. Also, Miller and Hawes need to stay out of foul trouble while guarding Shaq. I'm becoming a big fan of Jason Thompson. Think he's going to be a good one.