Sunday, November 30, 2008

Winning Hard Games

I totally agree with what my mom said. And I think all she said is true, but there are a few things she missed. Like when she said injuries are hurting the Kings, that's true. But our young guys are really coming out to play, especially Donte Greene coming in as a rookie starter. We couldn't do it without Bobbie Brown either when he's filling in for Beno. And Jason Thompson has really helped us with those three-point plays from the free throw line.

If you get what I'm saying, you feel how hard it is when you see all of these losses. But they can pull out a win with this four game home stand that they're on. Even though they lost the first game to the Mavs, they played their hearts out, and I admire that.

If you don't get what I'm saying, leave me a comment. Oh, and by the way, GO KINGS!

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Big Red said...

Hi, Zach! Went to the game Saturday. Was disappointed in how the Kings played. When you have Beno leading the team in rebounding, something is wrong. Before the game, I saw Kevin Martin working out. He was shooting jumpers with one of the assistant coaches. Kevin looked good. The Kings really need him back. Francisco got in the game. But, he's still playing his way into shape. It's going to take Francisco a while to get going. If you noticed in Saturday's game, Sacramento would get one shot and that was it. No offensive rebounding. And, that hurt. Am anxious to see how they play against the Jazz. We can't expect a lot out of Kmart. You have to remember that, like Garcia, it is going to take him time to get back into game shape. But, for some reason, I think our boys will knock of Utah tomorrow night. Go Kings!