Monday, February 16, 2009

College Basketball

Today I was thinking about what I would blog about, and I thought about something pretty good that I haven't written about EVER. I'm going to write about my favorite college basketball team, the Missouri Tigers aka Mizzou.

They won a game on Saturday against Nebraska. The final score was 70 - 47 with Mizzou on top. I thought Mizzou owned most of the game because they had very consistent shooting, accurate passing, and they valued the ball. The stand-out players were DeMarre Carroll, Leo Lyons, Keith Ramsey and Matt Lawrence. Mizzou's record is now 22-4 and they are ranked #10 out of the 25 best teams in the COUNTRY. When I heard the news about the ranking, I was so shocked that I couldn't even finish my sentence.

Another college team I like is the Duke Blue Devils, who are 20 and 5. Their record is not as good as Mizzou's but I enjoy watching their games. I like Gerald Henderson. I think he's NBA material. Another player I like is Kyle Singler because he hits so many threes.

My mom hooked me up with great seats to watch the Kings take on a former King, Mike Bibby, and the Atlanta Hawks. I'm looking forward to the game on Wednesday!

Gotta go downstairs to watch "24" and Jack Bauer.

Gooooooo Kings!

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