Friday, February 6, 2009

The Donte and Kenny Show

Last night, I went to a meet and greet event with two Kings players -- Donte Greene and Kenny Thomas. My parents gave me a six-game-pack of Kings tickets for Christmas, and it came with this meet and greet.

It was a cool experience! First, we got to make a tunnel for Donte and Kenny to walk through, and they gave us high-fives as they were coming through. Then we sat back down, and we got to ask them questions for about 30 minutes or so. I asked two questions. One was, "What is it like being on a show like 'The Donte Greene Show'"? I can't remember the second question I asked because I was so nervous!

I also interviewed Donte after the event, and here are his answers to my questions:

Q: What or who inspired you to be an NBA player?
A: My mom and Dominique Wilkins.

Q: What's your pre-game routine?
A: I like to get to the gym three hours early, listen to music and shoot the ball around.

Q: What is the best part of being an NBA player?
A: The traveling. I like seeing different places.

Q: What's on your playlist? (My mom asked this question, but I gave her the idea.)
A: Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy.

I really enjoyed learning more about both of these players. For example, I learned that Donte loves kids and thinks education is really important. In fact, he's still taking some college classes. Some things I learned about Kenny Thomas is that he has a nine-year-old boy just like me, as well as a baby. Kenny's favorite show is "The Unit," just like my mom and dad. He also said how important your education is, and I learned that he is helping kids in New Mexico who are less fortunate.

Those aren't the only great things that happened last night. My mom and dad got tickets to see the Kings game tonight where Chris Webber's jersey will be retired. With these tickets, we get to meet Chris Webber before the game!! I'm so excited that I'm twitching!

I can't wait to post tomorrow about tonight's game -- and it's going to be a win.
Goooooooo KKIINNGGSS!!!!!!!!!!!


zachsdad said...


Another great post -- with the inside scoop.

Kudos to you for not sitting on your hands and playing video games -- you're active, play sports and you have an opinion!

I'm very proud of you.

Love - Dad

AC II said...

Hi! Great blog! It's so cool to find out more about the players. I'm really impressed Donte is taking college classes. It shows that even when you are famous NBA player making lots of money, it's still great to keep learning and improving your mind. Also, Kenny's involvement with an organization which helps needy people is really commendable. We could all do more of that (including me!).

Lastly, your parents must be pretty cool people! Please tell them I said so!

I'm looking forward to your next blog! Take care!

unclethomas said...

Thanks for keeping me informed on the best team in the NBA, The Sacto Kings! I love to read your blog, keep up the good work.
Hope to see you soon, Uncle Thomas

Monica said...

Hi Zach, now for a tough job. Can you pick your favorite photo for the school newsletter? Yes, only one... Great job writing! Please have your mom email it to me. THanks!

Mrs. Crumley

Katie T. said...

I loved reading about your interview with Donte and Kenny. They sound like cool guys. We're looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!

Aunt Katie T.