Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cardinals Baseball

I've spent the past few days watching the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinal's record is 15-7, which is the best record in all of Major League Baseball. Yes, that is very exciting, but what is cool is their bullpen only has 2 or 3 blown saves so far. For example, the Cardinals had a 1-o lead over the Braves, then the Braves scored 2 runs to win the game 2-1.

The Cardinals have been strong in 1 run games; their record is 4 and 3. The Cardinals' Albert Pujols has already blasted 7 homeruns and 26 RBIs so far this season. He's not alone. Ryan Ludwick has 5 homeruns and 19 RBIs so far. These guys have both battled some sicknesses this year, but they've been able to play and give a great performance each night. This inspires me, and is why I'll be a Cardinals fan through thick and thin.

Are you wondering how I'm catching all of these games? Well, my dad found out how to watch games online. It's really fun. I pull up the web site ( and log on using my e-mail address and a password. Not only do you get to see the game in HD, they give you live commentary and team stats. For example, when they have a new pitcher come in, they show you the pitcher's stats. And when a batter comes up to bat, they show the batter's stats. When there's a score change, they put it on the side of the screen to let you know that some team in another game has scored. So, I can keep track of my Cardinals, plus all of the other MLB games going on at that time. It's so cool, and it's been an interesting experience. Do you watch games on, too?

Gooooo Cardinals!

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