Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How the Kings Ended the Season

Tonight the Kings played the Minnesota Timberwolves. Even though I did not get to see the whole game (I was at basketball practice), I can say that the Kings stayed with it in the fourth quarter, which is usually when they lose games, and they won 97-90. But tonight they played like they were in an NBA championship game! They played like they cared, which they could have just said, "We're done. This season's a failure. Who cares if we win?" That's what I love about them. They never quit. I like how my team just doesn't give up when times are bad. That inspires me.

The Kings played fantastic at times during the season, but their record did not show it. I can't even count how many times they should have won games this season. Here's a wild guess: 4o. Let's go through some of them. They played Portland and should have won (92-91). They played Golden State and lost 143-141. What about San Antonio on Monday? Terrible call at the end of the game, and they got burned 95-92. (By the way, a rule they need to make in the off-season is they should be able to review plays that could change an entire game.) What about the game v. the Lakers? Or what about the Cavs? The list goes on and on.

I think overall the Kings played great. As I said before, their record didn't show how hard they played. My player of the year is probably JT or 'Cisco. JT because he's played in every single game this season and gave a lot of effort. 'Cisco because -- there's so many things! One is he played even though he was injured. In my mind, he's the heart of the team. His scoring has gotten even better than before, and so has his great defense. Also, 'Cisco was awarded the triple-double award, so whoever decided that is on the same page as me.

Can't wait to see the Kings next season. Most of my blogs now will be about baseball, and I'll also talk about the spring basketball team I'm playing on.

Until October, gooooo Kings!

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AC II said...

Hi! Your King's blog rocks! I really enjoyed hearing about the whole season, especially since I'm in LA and there's not a lot of coverage. My heart is with my hometown, Sacramento! Go Kings!

I'm really looking forward to hearing about your opinions on baseball and how your team is doing. You're a cool kid and it's really great you are out there in the blogisphere.