Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kings vs. Warriors

On Saturday night, I went to the Kings v. Warriors game. Our seats were in a suite, which was pretty sweet. It was a great experience because I've never been in a suite before. The Kings had the lead for almost of the whole game and they beat the Warriors, 101-94.

I was really impressed with how good Tyreke Evans did, passing-wise and shooting-wise. He had a lot of assists, and he scored 16 points. Jason Thompson had a double-double, scoring 20 points and a WHOPPING 20 rebounds. Kevin Martin also did exceptionally well, scoring lots of threes and faking out guys.

The highlight of the whole night for me was when Spencer Hawes hit a three-pointer in the first quarter. Usually the big guys are in the paint, so it was cool to see Spencer hit one from the outside.

I'm also posting a couple more photos from my interviews from media day. Enjoy these photos of Tyreke and JT.

I'm looking forward to going to the season opener at ARCO on November 2. Gooooo Kings!

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