Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Trade

When I was reading the paper today I read that the Kings are trading Kevin Martin, Sergio Rodriguez, and Hilton Armstrong. We are getting Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey, and Larry Hughes. I am really excited to see the new guys play, but I am also sad because of the guys we lost. I was stunned when I saw today's headline, and I want to take a minute to talk about these guys we lost in the trade.

I didn't know a lot about Hilton Armstrong, but at the most recent Phoenix Sun's game, my sister waved to Hilton who was shooting on the court and he waved back to her. That says a lot about him that he'd take the time to wave to a tiny Kings fan.

As for Sergio, I never met him, but on and off the court, whatever I've read about him he's been a real help to the Kings, and I'm proud he was on our team.

Last but not least, Kevin. I did meet Kevin last fall when I interviewed the Kings at media day. He was really nice to me. He's played great in all of the games he's played this season. I will be so sorry not to see him out there on the court in purple and not being able to go to his summer basketball camp. I'd still like to challenge him to a game of Madden NFL 10 on my new PS3. Good luck and I'll miss you.

I bet our new guys will do really well because I've checked out their stats, which are pretty good. They are going to be fun to watch for the rest of the year. GOOOOOOOOOOO Kings!

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mck said...

Hi Buddy,

Kevin is a great player and a great guy, who will be missed. I remember how he kidded you about video games, so you'll always have that fun memory.

We'll miss Sergio, too. He had great energy on the court, and I hope in his new situation, he'll get the playing time he wants.

While we didn't see much of Hilton as a Kings player, here's wishing him much luck, too.

Looking forward to watching the game tonight with you and dad and sissy! Did you see that Cisco is starting?