Monday, March 22, 2010

Basketball Round-up

Congratulations, Sam!
If you don't know already, Sam Amick the Kings reporter for The Sacramento Bee has left to cover the whole NBA on I will miss reading his stories in the paper every morning, but I can't wait to see his articles on FanHouse. He's the greatest!

The Kings beat the Clippers last night, and Beno hit a career high 17 assists. That really helped the Kings win. My mom's been talking about the "Beno Factor." She thinks the Kings play better when he's on the court. I completely agree with her! Beno's presence on the court gives the Kings something special. He runs the offense so well.

Carl Landry is another player who has been playing great. He scored 24 against the Clippers, and he's consistently scored like that since he was traded to the Kings. He has a killer medium range jumper and drive to the basket. He's been a great addition to the team.

Francisco Garcia has played great since he's been back from his injury. Cisco's been consistently scoring, passing and defending. I especially liked schooled Brandon Jennings last Friday when he defended him. All night, Brandon had to really work for his baskets.

I can't wait to watch the Kings game in a few minutes. I hope you're watching like I am.

Goooooo Kings!

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Katie T. said...

Hi Zach!
I've added your blog to my Google home page! Looking forward to hearing more about basketball. I'm relying on you to keep me up to speed.
-Katie T.