Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Way I See It

I'm very disappointed in how the Kings season is going. It's been really hard to write about the team I love because it's no fun to write when your favorite team loses. What made me want to write today was that I read about how Kevin Martin went to Coachie for guidance, and it made me think that they really need some support and positive news.

What I can't believe about them being 15 and 28 is that they started out so good. The Kings rookies peformed beautifully. Tyreke is one of the two candidates for rookie of the year. Also, Omri Casspi has hit some clutch threes throughout the season. Jon Brockman's been brockin' it out on the court all year -- I love watching him give his full effort and make the other team frustrated. It gives me joy!

Hopefully tonight they can make their record 16 and 28. The Kings need to give a combined 100% effort. It can't be a one man show cause that doesn't work. Everyone who plays needs to score. Defensively, the Kings need to get some stops. They can't let Warriors get second chance points. At least three guys should be crashing the boards, and one or two should be going out for a fast breaks. That way it makes it harder for the Warriors to get the rebounds and it makes it easier for us to score on the other end.

I gotta go finish my mission project, so I can watch the game tonight. I'll be rooting for my team all night.

Goooooo Kings!


mck said...

The Kings came out fighting last night and never let up. You must be so happy about the win. I can't wait to hear what you have to say about the game.


zachsdad said...


As usual - I love your post.

You are a true fan - you stick with your team though the good times and bad. You are too young to remember the glory years of '99-'01 - but it was GREAT to be a Kings fan.

The city was enthralled with the team. The fever will return - but you need to be patient. Mr. Petrie has a plan - trust him.


saracpeschke said...

It seems like when things are tough (like the Kings losing streak) the media makes it worse. I like how you said good things about the Kings. I'm sure they appreciate too.
Way to be positive!