Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Kings Report Card

Tuesday's newspaper had the Kings grades, and here is what I think of them. For the most part, I agree with Sam's grades, but I wanted to write my own thoughts too.

Tyreke Evans: paper grade A-, my grade A -- Tyreke's been really consistent with his scoring.

Kevin Martin: paper grade C+, my grade B -- Kevin's worked hard to get back to his old stroke, and he showed that last night in the game against Utah.

Jason Thompson: paper grade B-, my grade B -- He has given the Kings some quality scoring and rebounding, but he could improve.

Spencer Hawes: paper grade D+, my grade B -- He has been good on the three point shot, but he needs to drive to the basket and dunk it more.

Jon Brockman: paper grade B, my grade A- -- Jon fights for the rebounds and scoring, and he's been giving his full effort.

Omri Casspi: paper grade B+, my grade B+ -- Omri's been hitting some big threes and getting some nice inside shots, but he needs to be more physical inside.

Donte Greene: paper grade B-, my grade B -- Donte's been really physical inside and has been getting some easy shots, but he needs to work on his outside shot so he can hit it any time he wants.

Andres Nocioni: paper grade C, my grade B -- Lately, Andres has been hitting threes and driving, but he needs to figure out more tricks to fake out the defender.

Sergio Rodriguez: paper grade B-, my grade B -- Sergio has not hogged the ball a single bit and has had some great assists, but he needs to attack the basket and score for himself.

Kenny Thomas: paper grade B-, my grade B -- It's been great seeing Kenny on the court this year, and he's giving his full effort.

Ime Udoka: paper grade C+, my grade B -- Ime has seen quality minutes and has therefore shown what he can do. I like the way he plays.

Beno Udrih: paper grade B, my grade A- -- Beno has been scoring so consistently, passing and he's made me really happy to see him playing so well this year.

Hilton Armstrong: paper grade I, my grade I -- I don't enough about his playing to comment.

Sean May: paper grade I, my grade B+ -- I saw a half-time interview with Sean, and he said that he prepares himself for every game for when Coach calls on him. I see that as a sign that he's a real pro. This has shown in the last couple of games he's played in and done well.

Francsico Garcia: paper grade I, my grade B+ -- Even though he hasn't played due to his injury, I've seen him on the sidelines at every game, helping his team with advice and support. He's been especially helpful to Omri, which is really cool.

Wednesday night's win against Golden State shows that the Kings bench and starters are improving. I'd like to see the Kings get some more defensive stops and more scoring on the other end. Then we can see some more Ws.

Can't wait to see my Kings take on the Bobcats tonight. Gooooo Kings!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Way I See It

I'm very disappointed in how the Kings season is going. It's been really hard to write about the team I love because it's no fun to write when your favorite team loses. What made me want to write today was that I read about how Kevin Martin went to Coachie for guidance, and it made me think that they really need some support and positive news.

What I can't believe about them being 15 and 28 is that they started out so good. The Kings rookies peformed beautifully. Tyreke is one of the two candidates for rookie of the year. Also, Omri Casspi has hit some clutch threes throughout the season. Jon Brockman's been brockin' it out on the court all year -- I love watching him give his full effort and make the other team frustrated. It gives me joy!

Hopefully tonight they can make their record 16 and 28. The Kings need to give a combined 100% effort. It can't be a one man show cause that doesn't work. Everyone who plays needs to score. Defensively, the Kings need to get some stops. They can't let Warriors get second chance points. At least three guys should be crashing the boards, and one or two should be going out for a fast breaks. That way it makes it harder for the Warriors to get the rebounds and it makes it easier for us to score on the other end.

I gotta go finish my mission project, so I can watch the game tonight. I'll be rooting for my team all night.

Goooooo Kings!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Game

Yesterday I had my second basketball game and here is how it went. I scored 12 points,2 rebounds,and 4 assists. I would say it was my best game so far this season because I was really aggressive by attacking the basket and finishing at the basket. The rest of the team was on their feet when I scored. It really helped my confidence and energy when they cheered because it made me feel good. We won the game by 6 points, but I couldn't have done it without the help of my team. GOOOOOOOOO Fighting Irish!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kings Still Improving

Last night, I was typing my saint report which is due Friday, so I missed the first quarter and part of the second quarter of the game vs. Phoenix. (My mom forced me to finish my report, and I was really annoyed by that since I wanted to watch the whole game!)

I got really into the game the second I turned it on because the Kings were down by a lot. I kept thinking, Let's break down Phoenix's lead by stopping them at one end and scoring on the other. And what I wanted came true. They cut down Phoenix's lead to 14 by the end of the half.

At half-time, I saw the funniest Kings commercial ever! I thought it was so funny that it should be on "America's Funniest Videos." Donte Greene, Jason Thompson and Jon Brockman dressed up as famous singers and sang a bunch of songs, pretending the songs were going to be on a CD collection. My favorite song was when the three of them sang "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black-eyed Peas. I was sort of wishing it wasn't a joke because I wanted to buy it!

In the second half, the Kings rallied and it was so exciting. They answered the Suns with a serious scorefest. I loved it when Omri Casspi hit big threes, and when Tyreke drove hard to the basket. Jon Brockman's skills were so good when he didn't let Amar'e Stoudemire score once in the third quarter. The game was so close in the 4th. I think the only reason the Suns won in the end was the late fouls that sent Steve Nash to the line. And, of course, he made all of his free throws.

The final heartbreaking score was 113-109. The Kings' record is now 14-20, and they're in 4th place in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference.

Even though the Kings lost and they're 14-20, they're still much improved from last year. The difference I think is they have more depth and versatility on their bench. Coach Westphal is rockin' it on the sidelines with all of his great plays and inspiring words to get his players back in the game. And then there's the rookie factor with Tyreke Evans, Omri Casspi and Jon Brockman. Really, everyone on the team is playing well. The one thing we still have to learn is how to close out ball games.

Goooo Kings!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

King-sized Wishes

With how busy I've been, I haven't gotten to do many blog posts in the past month. But last year I did a post on my New Year's wishes for the Kings. I decided to make this a tradition, so here are my wishes for the guys:

For Kevin Martin that he'll be able to play soon.

For Francisco Garcia that his wrist will heal quickly, and I'll see him out on the court soon.

For Beno Udrih that he continues being an active and consistent scorer.

For Andres Nocioni tht he continues to hit big threes in games.

For Omri Casspi that he continues to grow as the great player that he is.

For Jon Brockman that he continues his "Brockness" in rebounding and scoring.

For Sean May that 2010 gives him more opportunities to show his great playing.

For Sergio Rodgriquez that he continues to be consistent with his great numbers off the bench.

For Tyreke Evans that he continue to "Reke" havoc and become rookie of the year.

For Donte Greene that he keeps playing his game and being awesome.

For Jason Thompson that he continues getting lots of boards.

For Kenny Thomas that he continue to make it tough for the other teams on the defensive end.

For Spencer Hawes that he continues hitting those awesome threes in close situations.

For Coach Westphal that he continues rockin' it on the sidelines.

The team is playing fantastic with a phenomenal record of 14-18. The record will soon be 15-18 after tonight v. the Mavs, where I'll be sitting and rooting for them.

Goooo Kings!