Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thanks, Sam!

I was reading all of the comments on my last post, and someone sent my mom a link to Sam Amick's blog post and to the Rise Guys show that Sam was on. Sam said he disagreed with what I wrote in my last post, but he really liked my spirit. I think that's really thoughtful and cool of him. I still stick by what I said in my last post, but that doesn't mean I won't read Sam's articles every morning.

So, anyway, I watched today's early game v. the Raptors, and I thought the Kings played really good in the first half. But the problem was the second half because in the third quarter the Kings were outscored 31 to 21. By the end of the quarter, they were down by 14. I still had faith that they could win. But then when the Kings started playing in the 4th, Toronto kept getting on good runs, and we could only score like on every three possessions. I was really happy that even when the game was over with only a minute left, the Kings still played like they had a lot more time. To me, that took real focus and hope. I felt heartbroken when they lost. I felt like they did such a good job in the first two quarters, but down the stretch they lost by sixteen. The highlight of the game for me was Cisco getting a technical. I know that sounds weird, but I really felt like he wanted to scare the Rapters to get something going. And I thought it kind of worked for a little bit, but Chris Bosh gave 31 points, which really hurt us.

In my basketball game yesterday, we won 46-34. I scored a season high of 14 points, and I know it sounds low, but it was really hard to get those points because we were playing a great team. We're now 3-0. And now here are some highlights from the game: (1) At the buzzer of the 3rd quarter, I hit a hook shot, and that got my whole team on their feet. I was taking high fives and celebrating. I was like, "Yeah!" I think I jumped four feet in the air I was so happy. And then I hit another one off the backboard in the last quarter. (2) My friend Troy hit a 3-pointer and swished it. (3) My other friend Chase hit a driving lay-up with two seconds left on the clock in the 2nd quarter. (4) And another one of my friends Logan got a lot of offensive rebounds which led to more points. The whole team had great passing. One of the problems in the first two games was that we didn't pass enough.

Gotta go get my sister in trouble. Until next time, gooooo Kings!

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AC II said...

Great blog! Sam seems like a cool guy. I listened to the radio show too and it sounds like everyone gets your side of story. Congrats on winning your game! Wish I could have been there! :-( Talk to ya later!