Sunday, January 4, 2009

How the Kings Are Improving

When I watched last night's game against the Pacers, I knew from the beginning of the first quarter that the Kings were going to have some great stats by the end of the game. Kevin Martin had 20 points in the first half of play, and in the second half he had 25 points -- 45 points by the end of the game, almost breaking his career high of 48 points. He tied his career high of most 3-pointers scored in a single game (7). Plus, I was impressed that the Kings scored 117 points, playing away from home -- 69 of those points were bench points.

That's why I was disappointed when I picked up the Sac Bee today and saw all the negative coverage again. I mean, I know they're losing a lot right now, but I'd like to see coverage of some of the positive stuff the Kings are doing right now. Like, how Kevin Martin scored 20 points in the first half alone. Like how the Kings held the Pacers to scoring only 39 bench points. Like, how Bobby Jackson scored some sensational three-point swishers.

If I were the Sac Bee reporter, I'd focus on the improving stats. I'm sure Kings fans -- not to mention the team -- would appreciate that.

Well, I'm headed downstairs to make it look like my sister , not me, made the big mess in the TV room! Looking forward to the game tomorrow against the Nets (even though I have to Tivo it because I won't be home yet from school).

Gooooo Kings!

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AC II said...

I totally agree with you! I wish the press in general would publish some good news. I would buy more papers and magazines. There needs to be a balance of both good and bad. I've been reading all your posts and your analysis of the game is really solid. You're a smart kid and I'm proud of you!