Sunday, December 14, 2008

Basketball Comparisons and Thoughts

How to Behave: When I was at the Kings v. Knicks game last night, I sat near the visitors bench again. I noticed that the Knicks team and the coach were very classy (unlike the Nuggets -- see my post from last Sunday). The Nuggets' coach was on the court almost the whole game, but the Knicks' coach either sat or stood on the sidelines, like he was supposed to. The Knicks, as a team, were high energy, but the difference between them and the Nuggets is that the energy didn't come with a bunch of rude comments. The Knicks are a great example of how NBA players are supposed to act when they're on the job.

I Still Believe: The Kings lost to the Knicks last night because they allowed the Knicks to get a big lead in the first quarter, and they couldn't get it back. The Kings need to pick up their defense. Also, the Kings are experiencing cold shooting -- they're averaging under 50% from the field. Whatever Reggie did before last Tuesday's game against the Lakers, he needs to do that again. They can't be like the Miami Heat were last year. They did get something like 83% from the free throw line, which is great, and they only had 9 turnovers. But their shooting from the field was atrocious. They were missing easy stuff, and couldn't take advantage of the Knicks cold shooting.

Guys, if you're reading my amateur blog post, know that I still believe in you. Let's kick some butt and take some names against Minnesota tomorrow night.

Gooooo Kings!


norcalcinnamon said...

Great blog!

I too believe in the Kings. Nice win over the Timberwolves last night.

Keep up the writing.

Your friend,

Big Red said...

Zach: Didn't think it was right of the Kings to fire Reggie. How many times this year did he have a healthy lineup? Most of the roster is young and inexperienced. Besides, Theus didn't have any say on the players that are on the team. That's Geoff Petrie's doing. And, he should be held accountable. Also, am a little down on Kevin Martin. Can Kmart only play when he's 100% healthy? A lot of players play with injuries. Sometimes you have to suck it up and get out there for the team. I'm sure Francisco is not 100% yet. But, you see him out on the court. Just feel Reggie got a raw deal.

Big Red said...

Zach: Watched your buddy, Chris Paul or CP3 as he's called, last night. He had another three steals and has had a least one in 106 straight games. THAT'S UNBELIEVABLE! Looking forward to seeing CP3 play when he comes to ARCO. Think I found a new coach for the Kings. See if your dad will agree. His name is Avery Johnson. Johnson use to coach Dallas and was voted "Coach of the Year" a few season back. Believe he'd be a perfect fit for the Kings. Also, am anxious to see you play. Please give your mom a schedule when they come out to give to me. And, practice your free throws. That's where games are won and lost. Take care for now.