Friday, December 19, 2008

Keys to Winning the Game

When I woke up this morning, I felt like doing a blog post before heading off to school. I've been really busy this week with all of the Christmas stuff. But the Kings have a big game tonight, playing the Houston Rockets in Houston, and I've been thinking a lot about tonight's game. They'll be facing former team member Ron Artest, and to top it off, Ron is working with the coach the Kings had before Reggie Theus.

I'm guessing this game's going to go pretty smoothly, since there's no rivalry between the teams. The Kings can pull out a win because they've got all of their core players in (except for Kevin Martin), and I believe these guys have what it takes. Plus, our rookies can really support the veterans by finishing at the basket.

Not to steal from Jerry, but these are my keys to the game: Cisco needs to come out with some real heat in the first quarter to get the Kings started right. John Salmons needs to keep coming out and hitting shot after shot, just like he did against Portland in the first quarter. Spencer and Brad are doing everything they can defensively, but they should take more shots when they have wide open looks. I love to see Beno drive in for the lay-up, but he needs to just trust the passing, too. Jason Thompson and Donte Greene are good at getting those offensive rebounds and putting them back up in the basket, and lighting up the court with some dunks.

My stomach is rumbling, so I'd better go eat breakfast. I'll be watching tonight with a 3-D poster I drew for the team. Gooooo Kings!

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