Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Kings Got Game

When I saw how the Kings played the Lakers on Tuesday, from the first quarter through the end of the game, I thought they were a whole different team. John Salmons kept Kobe from scoring until the second quarter, and that really impressed me because during the pre-game show, Koz and Kayte said that no one person can guard Kobe Bryant. And John Salmons took the post of guarding Kobe seriously.

The energy was amazing from everyone on the team. What got the fire started was my favorite player, Francisco Garcia. Cisco had 9 points in the first quarter of the game -- he was really intense! He finished the night with 21 points, the same as John Salmons. He played the game he loves, he played hard, and it resulted in a big win for the Kings.

I knew within the first five minutes of the game that the Kings were going to win. The Kings were playing like a team that was playing in the NBA championships. I felt like the Kings were playing with all their heart, especially Spencer Hawes, who had to guard the powerful Pau Gasol. He did a good job and didn't foul him very much.

I think the Kings can win at the Lakers on Friday. The Lakers beat the Phoenix Suns yesterday, so I think they won't be as hungry for a payback win. I'm looking forward to watching the game on Friday, and going to the game on Saturday when the Kings take on the New York Knicks.

I smell pizza downstairs, so I'd better go eat dinner. GOOOOOO KINGS!!!!

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Big Red said...

Kings have got to keep the fire burning tonight. Everyone has to get involved if they are to win. Believe they'll have to play, even better, than they did Tuesday to come out with a victory. Watched the Blazers/Jazz game last night. I really enjoy watching Williams of Utah play. That guy can really pass. And, for the Blazers, Roy is a big time player. Enjoy the game tomorrow night, Zach! I expect a W.