Sunday, December 7, 2008

How Not To Behave

Last night, I was at the Kings game v. the Denver Nuggets. If there's one thing I learned at last night's game it's the Denver Nuggets, including their coach, behaved terrible. For example, their coach went two feet onto the court when the teams were playing. Plus, when a flagrant foul was called on Francisco Garcia, it was really Balkman who should've had a foul. The Nuggets from the bench were calling names and and doing everything to get in the Kings' heads. They reminded me of this kid I know who bullied everyone when we were in second grade.

We were sitting next to where the Nuggets were, and everyone around us was upset. One guy who had the same seats for 15 years said he hadn't seen any misbehaving like that in his life. The Nuggets' behavior made me feel really bad. Their trash talking made me feel sick inside. Last night, I saw a different side to the NBA that wasn't good at all.

That's why I love my Kings. They're professionals, and they don't act like bullies. The Kings make the game fun to watch, but the Nuggets rained on my parade last night.

The Kings play the Lakers on Tuesday at home, and I bet the Lakers behave a lot better than the Nuggets. Last night was surprising. I guess I'm a little bit sad to see what I saw the Nuggets do last night. They didn't deserve that win.


mck said...

Hi Zach,
I completely agree with you about the Nuggets' behavior at Saturday's game. The trash talk crossed the line and was behavior unbecoming of professional athletes -- or anyone, really. I'm glad you know that's how NOT to behave.

Big Red said...

Thanks for the insight about Denver's team. Have never been a big fan of Carmelo Anthony. He's an "OK" player, but certainly not anything special. Great effort by the Kings last night. Was very surprised they beat the Lakers so easily. Hope Sacramento can keep it up. Don't like seeing Martin in and out of the lineup so much. He's got to come back when 100 percent.